Crismery Ventura
Clinical Supervisor

Gold Direct Care - (781) 842-3961-63 1/2 Jefferson Ave Salem, MA 01970


My upbringing as a child was based on helping others and making sure that those around me ate well and were healthy. That’s where my passion to work in the medical field came from. I volunteered and helped in a clinic in my hometown of Bani, Dominican Republic. We did not have much, but my mother always impressed on us how helping those who are in need will fill your soul with peace and happiness. My passion for helping grew even more when I arrived in the United States and when I pursued my career as a certified medical assistant. I first worked for Lahey Clinic and then went to North Shore Physician Group. Working with Gold Direct Care has been a dream come true. With all I have experienced and learned they given me the will and power to continue to help those who are in need. It’s not a job for me it’s a passion to see patients get healthy and leave with a smile. That has always been my goal working in the medical field.


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