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Direct Primary Care can be built into a self insured benefits plan or as an add on to a fully insured benefits plan for employees to have better care and access by having a personal relationship with a primary care physician. This can lead to better outcomes, more patient/employee satisafaction, and downstream return on investment for the company as a whole. We work with expert benefits advisors that assist with this. Across the country employers are seeing an approximate 15-25% percent decrease in overall healthcare and health insurance costs by thinking outside the box.

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Employer Profile: Atlantic Veterinary

In 2016, a local Marblehead business decided to look at better options than just giving their employees a health insurance card. They added Direct Primary Care, a relationship based primary care service for employees, as part of their benefits package. Atlantic Vet. pays a small monthly membership fee per employee to give employees easy access to their primary care doctors that has no out of pocket costs for employees when they get care. Read More

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