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What is Direct
Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a fast-growing way for family physicians to provide high-quality healthcare and it comes with a transparent, affordable, predictable monthly price. Direct Primary Care has many advantages for family physicians, patients and companies that provide employee healthcare by eliminating third party payment and the interference in patient care that accompanies it. We guarantee no later than next day appointments but see all urgent issues same day. 

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“Patient satisfaction goes up. Physician satisfaction goes up. Quality goes up and costs go down because you don’t have to prove it to Uncle Sam or an insurance company.”

—MarketWatch 2017

Just some of the may benefits you get with Gold Direct Care.


All included in flat monthly fee

On time appointments

30-60 minute visits vs 20 minutes.

Scheduling that suits your schedule

Urgent care availability nights and weekends if needed.

Above and beyond the traditional practice.

Gold Direct Care
Typical Primary Care Practices
No copays or deductibles. No surprise bills.
After Hours Availability for Urgent Needs
Discounted Labs/Med/Imaging Compared to System Prices
Assistance Navigating Healthcare System
Assistance with Insurance Plans
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