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Archive for August 2015

The Primary Care Shortage: How Significant Can an Email Be?

We often read about the Primary Care shortage across the country continuing to grow, especially in states like Massachusetts that have a higher proportion of specialists. Some will argue that its exaggerated but numbers do not lie. Call a local doctors office and find out how long it takes to be seen as a new…

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Now Supplying Vaccines to Kids Under 19!

So after battling with the state of Massachusetts since February, we finally got the okay to supply State Vaccines. The vaccines which we can supply are: DTaP (Helps children develop immunity to three deadly diseases caused by bacteria: diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough aka pertussis.) Hep A (Used for prevention of  liver disease caused by the…

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Retail Clinics: Filling the Void

Todays issue of the Boston Globe had a great article in the Business Section on the Rise of Retail Clinics and how they are rising to meet the needs of patients. The article is below for those who wish to read it and please read the comments, as they are always fantastic when it comes to articles…

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