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committed to delivering primary care as it was intended--through trust, openness, and investing in the doctor-patient relationship.

Personal Relationships • Easy Access • Flexible Schedule • Price Transparency

serv-prevent-iconPreventative Medicine

Annual Physicals | Cancer Screenings | Smoking Cessation | Wellness & Nutrition | Weight Management

serv-health-iconHealth Management

Sick Visits | Anxiety & Depression | Blood Pressure | Cholesterol | Diabetes


Skin Biopsies | Simple Lacerations | Burn & Wound Care | Wart Removal | Abscess Drainage | EKG

serv-lab-iconLab Testing

Routine Blood Work | Urinalysis | Urine Pregnancy | Strep Throat | Glucose

serv-sched-iconFlexible Scheduling

Same and next-day appointments available based on medical urgency.

serv-access-iconAfter Hours Availability

Call, email, text your needs and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

serv-noco-iconNo Co-payments

Regardless of your needs, we’ve structured our office to avoid extra charges for your care.

Meet Our Doctors


Jeffrey S. Gold, MD

From the time I was in high school, I knew I wanted to be a doctor.  I had a very special relationship with my grandmother; she largely raised me because my parents owned a retail store and often worked nights and weekends.  When my grandmother was 68 years old, she developed early onset dementia.  As her condition steadily declined, so did the care that she received.  I watched in sadness as my favorite person became a victim of a broken healthcare system.  This was the catalyst to my career in medicine.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Pennsylvania; I attended the University of Massachusetts Medical School; and I completed my residency in Family Medicine in 2005 in Scottsdale, AZ.

Upon completing my residency, I moved back to Swampscott and over the course of the next 10 years, I worked for both a private practice and a hospital run practice.  In both cases, the way in which I was forced to practice medicine, was not at all aligned with the vision I had as I sat at my grandmother’s bedside.  My performance reviews and pay scale became determined, not by the quality of care that I provided, but by the quantity of patients I could see in a day.

In 2014, I learned about the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement. It allowed for physicians to contract directly with the patient, without third party interference from insurance companies.  In 2015, I opened Gold Direct Care (GDC).

Since GDC opened, we’ve added a physician, Dr. Carmela Mancini; we’ve grown to over 600 patients; and my passion for medicine has been renewed!


Carmela Mancini, DO, MPH

My passion for putting my patients first and treating them like family led me to learn more about the innovative healthcare model called Direct Primary Care.  Direct Primary Care allows me to be that old-fashioned doctor we all once had and wish still existed today. It allows me to be the doctor I trained for years to become, living out my passion of providing high quality, compassionate and personalized care.

Prior to medical school I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Florida State University, after which I received a Masters Degree in Public Health from Emory University.  I subsequently went to medical school at Nova Southeastern University and then completed my residency in Internal Medicine at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA.  After residency, I moved to the Northshore and worked as a hospitalist for several years.

It was during my time as a hospitalist that I realized my idea of being a doctor was no longer possible in the current insurance-driven system. I wasn’t able to spend the necessary, quality time with my patients; treatment decisions were often based on what insurance dictated and not what I thought was medically appropriate, and worst of all there was the disintegration of the doctor-patient relationship. This is when I decided I had to do something different and was fortunate to join Dr. Gold at Gold Direct Care. My love for taking care of patients and my passion for practicing medicine has been rejuvenated.

On a personal note, I was raised in Florida and now live in Marblehead along with my husband and two step-sons. I’m also a huge Bruins fan and enjoy cheering for them at both home and away games!


Kariann, RN

At a young age, I developed a passion for medicine. As a child, I cultivated this passion by volunteering at a local nursing home; and in high school, I participated in a program during my junior year called Allied Health. This program allowed me to have clinical exposure in hospitals and outpatient settings. I attended Salem State University where I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Since graduation, I have gained skills in medical telemetry, intermediate cardiac care, outpatient VNA, long-term care, and lastly, emergency medicine. These experiences allowed me a great foundation to bring to the Gold Direct Care team.

My two-year-old son is a patient of Dr. Gold’s as of several months ago. As a mother I have to comment on how much of a better experience it is going in for his visits. I used to leave our previous pediatric practice feeling stressed out (and sometimes in tears), questioning everything from my parenting abilities to my son’s health and development. I never felt *good* leaving there. That has all changed now thanks to Dr. Gold and his practice. What he’s doing is nothing short of life-changing in many ways, and our community is lucky to have a pioneer like him leading the way. THANK YOU!

I started with Dr. Mancini in October when I needed 17 stitches removed from my arm to compete in an Ironman. She was amazing then and continues to be there for me and my family every step of the way when we need her. To be able to text my primary care doctor when I need help is truly priceless. She is more than my doctor. She is a part of our family and always there when we need her the most.

Doctor Gold is extremely useful as a student. As a student most of my days are packed full of things that I have to do, and being away from home for such long periods sometimes my health comes second. But this new form of healthcare has allowed me to email Dr. Gold, and describe my symptoms, even for something as simple as a headache, and get the adequate help I need, even if its something as simple as directing me to do more exercise. Dr. Gold is always there for me and I can’t imagine having my healthcare in any different way.

As a small business owner, the cost of traditional healthcare (co-pays, deductibles, in addition to the monthly fees) is outrageous. Being a member of Gold Direct Care pays for itself almost immediately. Even if you’re not local to Marblehead (we are not), Dr Gold will work with you to make sure that your needs are met. We are very pleased to have found Dr Gold and his team, and highly recommend him!

I love the access I have to my physician. When I visit, I feel welcomed and appreciated. So glad I made the switch from the traditional model!

-Sue, Marblehead

I am so happy to have Dr. Mancini as my doctor. She is very generous with her time whenever I have an appointment. I appreciate that she answers emails and any questions so promptly.

-Candice, Marblehead 

Plans & Pricing

We offer five age-based price plans. A low monthly fee covers sick visits and a yearly physical exam. Our aim is to position insurance as it was originally intended for those unpredictable circumstances and unforeseen serious illness. Our new approach to primary care allows us to reinvest in our patient’s well-being, without the hassle and overhead of insurance companies.

EMPLOYERS: Learn more about company wide benefits

Ages 0 – 21

$40 Monthly

Age 22 – 30

$60 Monthly

Age 31 – 44

$85 Monthly

Age 45 – 64

$105 Monthly

Age 65+

$135 Monthly

What’s Included?

✓ Free Office Visits ✓ Unlimited Communication ✓ No Co-Payment ✓ Same or next day appointments
✓ Discounted labs and procedures ✓ Negotiated prescription discounts

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123 Pleasant Street
Suite 105
Marblehead, MA 01945

Phone: 781-842-3961
Fax: 781-990-3467

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What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
DPC is an innovative primary care model of medicine in which the physician-patient relationship is at the heart of how medicine is practiced. DPC practices offer a full range of primary care services for a monthly or annual retainer fee paid directly to the practice.

What services are included with my membership?

Your annual physical exam; up to 12 sick visits throughout the year; guaranteed same-day or next-day appointments; access to Dr. Gold via his personal cell phone and e-mail. E visits through Skype, FaceTime, etc are also included.

How does a DPC practice differ from a traditional primary care practice?
In a traditional primary care practice, doctors are compensated based on how they code and the quantity of patients they see, rather than based on the quality of care that they provide. In a DPC practice, quality of care is the number one priority. By cutting down on the panel size of patients from approximately 2500 patients to 600-800 patients, doctors working in a DPC practice are able to spend unlimited time with patients; patients have easier access to appointment times that meet their scheduling needs; patients are guaranteed to see their doctor, not another provider; patients are able to reach out to their doctor via e-mail and cell phone. These are just some of the benefits of a DPC practice.
What role does insurance play in a DPC practice? Will Gold Direct Care accept insurance?
Insurance has no role in a DPC practice, therefore Gold Direct Care will not be accepting insurance. Gold Direct Care will charge a flat monthly or annual fee that will cover all comprehensive primary care services. The patient will still need to retain an insurance policy in the event of catastrophic illness or hospitalization. At Gold Direct Care we recommend a high deductible insurance plan with a lower monthly premium as we have discounted labs done on site, reduced imaging fees at outside sites, and reduced generic medication prices at a local pharmacy. We can also work with you to customize an insurance plan that works in conjunction with DPC.

Can I use my insurance elsewhere if I join Gold Direct Care?
Your insurance plans will continue to operate “as usual” at other doctors’ offices, hospitals and pharmacies. Some plans do not require a designated “gatekeeper” doctor for referrals, medications, tests, and the like, so Gold Direct Care can order those services as needed just as any other doctor would do. Some HMO-style plans do require an “in-network” primary care doctor for access to other services, so these plans do not pair as well with membership at Gold Direct Care. Please check with your insurance company.

What if I need to be referred to a specialist?
The hope is that by spending more time with your primary care physician, the need to refer you to a specialist will decrease significantly. However, in the event that you do need to be referred to a specialist, Dr. Gold will personally call the specialist on your behalf in order to schedule an expedited appointment. Gold Direct Care will also be offering a service called RubiconMD that does online consultations with some of the top specialists in all fields from teaching hospitals across the country. Dr. Gold will also continue to work with all of the NSMC/MGH specialists in the area.
What is the impact on Medicare patients?
At Gold Direct Care, we accept patients that are on Medicare; however, we do not bill Medicare, nor can the patient bill Medicare for primary care services that we provide. Medicare will still cover any laboratory testing, imaging, medications, referrals to specialists, and hospitalizations.

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